Ek’ Balam

Ek’ Balam

We used Valladolid as a base when visiting the ruins of Ek’Balam.  The ruins site was only about a half hour drive away from the city center, and there didn’t seem to be an easy way to catch a Collectivo, so we chose to hail a taxi to Ek’Balam, and take our chances that when we were finished, there would be taxis available.  This worked well for us.

We left early in order to arrive at the ruins just after it opened.  This site was smaller and shadier than the previous ones we had visited, which made it more enjoyable.  We paid the entrance fee, and also decided to hire a guide that spoke English, to accompany us around the ruins and tell us what we were looking at.

There was plenty of opportunity for us to climb the ruins, which made for happy boys.  The Oval Palace, pictured above, had a circular shape, and Kyle had appeared around the back before I could even figure out how to begin climbing it!  It is believed that this building was used to study the stars.

Pictured below is Kyle sitting above what would have been the main plaza.

There was some cool stonework, such as the one pictured below.


This pyramid below was the Acropolis, both a temple and a palace, as well as a burial site, and you notice the interesting covered areas as you climb, containing intricately carved stones that have been excavated.  Much of this site is still buried beneath the trees.

The boys managed to climb this pyramid to the top, but I changed my mind as I started upwards, because there was nothing to hold onto on the way down, and it was incredibly steep.

The Entrance Arch above has openings from all four sides, and was likely used for ceremonial purposes.

Kyle was happy to pose with some Mayan warriors.

Ek’Balam is definitely worth a visit if you are anywhere near Valladolid!