Eastbourne England

Eastbourne England

About one hour east of Brighton, England, is another seaside resort community called Eastbourne, where we spent our final few days of our two month European trip. We rode the bus through the hilly countryside, passing the Three Sister’s Chalk Cliffs along the sea.

We arrived in Eastbourne on a chilly morning, and had time to spare before checking into our final accommodation, a third story apartment, a mile east of the center of town. The apartment had a nice view of the water. It wasn’t actually too much smaller than Brighton, but it was certainly less touristy and had a more relaxed feel.

We wandered the Eastbourne Pier, which was much smaller than Brighton’s, but charming nonetheless. It was very unique, with its blue fences and gold accents. It also boasted a restaurant, and a few small shops, and an arcade.

We also had a chance to walk to the city center, and catch the military parade to celebrate Remembrance Day (our Veterans Day), which marked the end of the hostilities of World War I on November 11, 1918.

As we prepared to wrap up our travels in Europe, I planned one last day trip with the boys, which would bring us to our final castle, Leeds, deemed the “Loveliest Castle in the World.” More on that next time.