Seaside in Brighton

Seaside in Brighton

After a month and a half of busy touring throughout Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and Eastern England, it was time to head to the seaside.  We left London, and took the train to Brighton, a seaside resort community located on the South Central coast of England.  

We rented an apartment for about 5 days, which was located very close to Brighton Pier, with a view of the English Channel.  We spent some time working, resting, and reading, with a few outings to explore the city.  

Brighton Palace Pier was a fun place to stroll around and take in the views, but many of the rides were closed, as it was off season. There were arcades and a few shops and eateries. We found a few things to entertain us, but it was quite chilly by early November, so we didn’t stay out too long!

The beach was entirely composed of pebbles. There is something very unique about the sound of waves crashing onto a rocky shoreline. On the beach stood a tower with a winding staircase, that launched a zip line across the Brighton Beach. Biking seemed to be very popular here, and I imagine it gets quite busy in the summer season.

One afternoon when the rain had ceased, we walked to Brighton Palace, a seaside palace built for King George IV.  We enjoyed walking around and taking in the unique architecture of the Palace and the gardens.  There were some musicians playing in the courtyard, and also a large ice skating rink along the side.  

We kept our time in Brighton very low-key, and chose to venture a little further down the coast for our remaining week in England, hoping to find a smaller and more peaceful seaside community.