Reunion in the Rockies

Reunion in the Rockies


After planning for almost a year, we spent one lovely week of June in Colorado, with family.  We had pretty much planned our whole summer of travels around this event.  My parents, two of my sisters, their spouses, and my nephew all met together in a large house that we shared in Dillon, Colorado.


The house was part of a timeshare, which had a clubhouse, fitness room, indoor pool and hot tub, tennis courts, and a game room.  From our back balcony, we had gorgeous views of the mountains, along with an adorable family of foxes that lived behind the property.   On many different occasions, we took advantage of the pool and hot tub, and my mom even coerced a few of her grandsons to engage in tennis.


We began day one with an attempted family hike, but we lost a few members along the way (figuratively, not literally) after we most likely ended up at the wrong trail at the end of a steep gravel road.  Not everyone felt like hiking with potential bear sightings, so half of us ventured out anyway with our bear spray.  It was for the best, because it was mostly an uphill hike, and we didn’t make it too far before turning back.  However, the sound of the river alongside us was a nice experience.


Then we ventured to downtown Dillon, which was a cute little area, with gorgeous views of the Lake, and a nice playground, leading to a dock area for boat rides, canoes, and paddle boards, along with some pubs along the lake.  Some of us decided to take the Water Taxi to nearby Frisco, simply for the ride and the views.


Day 2, we spent at Breckenridge Fun Park, what I consider the Disney World for outdoor enthusiasts.  We rode a gondola to the top, never my favorite experience, but I masked my fear and passed the time by taking silly pictures on the way up.  It was so much fun for the kids and adults.  They had everything from an alpine slide, a coaster, zip lining, a ropes course, miniature golf, a maze, rock climbing, a bouncy house, and hiking.  You could even walk up on a glacier, which my godson did!


Even my adventurous mother rode the ski lift up and took her turn riding the Alpine Slide down!





Day 3 began with a trip to the Casino for half the family, and the rest of us went for a hike in Frisco.  For some reason, we chose the uphill hike rather than the easier loop.  The views were nice, and we were basically all alone on this trail, but we had some nice family bonding time.




South Park City, located about an hour from Dillon, in Fairplay, was such a cool way to spend a day!  This cute little restored mining town had over 20 buildings to explore, ranging from an old mine itself, to an extensive history museum, a courthouse, general store, dentist, schoolhouse, bed and breakfast, train depot, and even some old train cars themselves.  There was such a nice collection of memorabilia from the late 1800’s, that we felt like we could really appreciate the people who lived there.





IMG_6847 IMG_6833




Day 5, thanks to some great babysitters, we rented ATVs from Nova Guides at Camp Hale for our first official ATV rides.  On the way, we made a quick stop in the gorgeous town of Vail, where we had lunch.


Rick and I opted for a 2 hour self-guided tour, while Gina and Patrick did the 4 hour.  We got to sport some pretty awesome head gear and goggles.  Gina and Patrick were so nice to go easy (and slow) for us first-timers.  We did the recommended “easier” route, which ended up somehow being much rockier than anticipated.  I only freaked out near the end, climbing over an extremely rocky trail, when I was afraid I’d tip over and fall off the mountain.  Apparently that’s because I was going too slow.  Fortunately, I survived.  By the end, I was skirting the maximum speed limit of 25 miles an hour.  We can’t wait to ATV again!




Day 6 was our last full day together.  Unfortunately, due to high water, our rafting trip was cancelled.  Gina and her crew went downhill biking.  The rest of us drove towards Breckenridge and took a short, but lovely loop walk at Sapphire Point Overlook Trail.  The views were so nice!  Then we spent the rest of the day shopping.






Some of us spent time working on puzzles throughout the week, courtesy of the Timeshare.  Diane picked a really cool puzzle, and it took us a little while to realize that the picture on the box wasn’t what the puzzle actually was – the picture on the box was a group of people on the beach SEEING what was coming towards them, which was a mystery until we finished the puzzle.


Gina and her family are a little more adventurous than the rest of us, and they went on quite a few hikes, even getting caught in a few downpours.  They also did two different downhill biking trips.


We even remembered to take a family shot.  We had such a great week in Colorado!