Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

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The boys and I left Eastbourne for a day trip out to Kent, to visit the “Loveliest Castle in the World,” Leeds Castle.

It was quite a bit out of the way in the countryside, but being a weekday in November, we definitely felt that we had most of the grounds and castle to ourselves. The grounds were absolutely stunning – the autumn leaves made a beautiful backdrop to the entire area. We actually spent most of this castle visit outdoors.

After the long walk to the Castle entrance, we took in the views of the moat before entering. The interior was very elegant – it was certainly less rugged than some of the previous castles we had seen. It was polished and clean. Much armor was hung throughout, and unique windows and doorways adorned the building, along with the usual lavish furnishings.

Yet, my inner child couldn’t help but loving the dreamy hedge maze and castle playground. What child (or adult) wouldn’t fall in love with this real life fantasy playground?

If you are looking for a castle to visit, particularly while traveling with kids, Leeds is an excellent choice! Spending a relaxing day at this beautiful castle and its peaceful grounds was a really special way to end our Europe trip.

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