Exploring Sedona, Arizona

Exploring Sedona, Arizona

Sedona was one of those places on my bucket list for quite some time, and it definitely delivered the “wow” factor.  I was still unprepared for the sight of the massive red mountains as we approached Sedona.

The weather was mostly spectacular, and we explored Sedona from our home base of Camp Verde.

The first day in Sedona we headed directly for Slide Rock State Park, which was stunning.  This is apparently a quite popular place to enjoy in the heat of summer, where the creek waters flowing over the rocks form a slick, natural water chute for sliding down.  We were here in Autumn, so the weather was not ideal for swimming, but it was a gorgeous way to spend a Sunday nonetheless.

There was a $10 vehicle fee to enter the park, and the parking and main attractions were very close and easily walkable.

We descended the stairs to the creek and swimming area, and spent a couple hours just enjoying the views.  The boys were in heaven, as they climbed up and down the rocks and ran over the river bridge.  We walked a ways along the river, and then turned back.  There were a few hiking trails, but we stayed pretty close to the main waters and let the boys play while we soaked up the sun and the views.

My nine year old was so in awe of this place, that he decided then and there that he would like to live in Sedona.  I must admit that I also was seriously contemplating that idea myself.

Slide Rock State ParkIMG_3120






Afterwards we went to the touristy downtown area to enjoy some dinner.  The boys found ways to entertain themselves:


The second day we ventured into Sedona to do some hiking, although the weather was not so cooperative this time.  We settled for a hike at Bell Rock, but the mist turned to a steady rain as we hiked.  We decided to turn back and do some shopping instead.

On day three in Sedona, the boys and I once again ventured to Bell Rock, and this time, the weather was perfect.  We did not complete the whole trail, but we did hike far enough for them to climb up and down one side.  That in itself is a successful hike for the boys.

Bell Rock Pathway





There were so many more hiking opportunities in Sedona that we just did not get to this time around.  The options were endless, along with lots of off-roading opportunities as well.  We will keep that on our list for next time!

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