Cruise to Alaska: Ketchikan & Victoria, B.C.

Alaska Cruise Rick 300Cruise to Alaska, Part 2:

When we awoke on Day 5, we had already docked in Ketchikan.  This was the one port where we had pre-booked an excursion, which was The Great American Lumberjack Show. We were docked and ready to leave by 7:00 am.  We had about a 3 block walk from the dock.

The show was entertaining for kids and adults alike, as two teams of Lumberjacks, one Canadian and one American team, competed in different skills, with the audience cheering them on.  Whenever one team would win a round, they would run into the audience and give away an autographed postcard to whoever made the biggest commotion in the stands. There weren’t too many kids in the audience, so by the end, Jacob was able to stand up and grab their attention, and he received one of the autographed postcards. He was SO happy!

Ketchikan is also known for its excessive rainfall, so this Liquid Sunshine Gauge was a fun site, right along the dock.

Alaska Cruise Jen 199

After the show we went to the Southeast Alaskan Discovery Center, a nice museum with a movie, ranger led walks, and a scavenger hunt through the museum for the kids.

Alaska Cruise Rick 309We decided to take the half hour ranger walk through the town, which was free with the paid $5 per adult admission.  Fortunately we were the only ones on the walk, so we had a personal tour of the famous Creek Street, saw parts of the Tongass National Forest from the path (which I would recommend hiking), our nation’s largest forest, and learned about the fish ladder built to help the salmon swim upstream on the rough river rapids.

Alaska Cruise Rick 318

Alaska Cruise Rick 316

We spent the rest of the day just walking the streets and exploring the shops.  It was a fun stop, and the most entertaining of our time in Alaska.

Our final stop of the cruise was to Victoria, British Columbia.  This was the boys first time visiting another country, and it happened to fall on Kyle’s birthday.  He turned 7, with the excitement of being serenaded on the way into the dining hall, and again when our dinner waiters brought him a birthday cake.  IMG_1424

Alaska Cruise Rick 333

We actually didn’t dock in Victoria until 6pm, so we bundled up for our evening walk into town.  Again, we did not book an excursion, but instead opted to explore on our own.  We decided to head for the Fisherman’s Wharf, stopping first at a playground that the boys couldn’t resist.  Then we strolled through the small, yet quaint, Fisherman’s Wharf, where colorful and uniquely decorated floating homes lined the piers.

Alaska Cruise Rick 376

Alaska Cruise Jen 229

Because it was evening, most boat rides were over for the day.  We watched in amusement as a local restaurant sold fish for the purpose of feeding the seals that swam among the pier.  The seals would scurry to the top of the water and grab the fish before the annoying sea gulls would try to swoop down and steal them.  This was quite entertaining for awhile.

Alaska Cruise Rick 374

We greatly enjoyed our Alaskan cruise, and were very glad that we were able to get an introduction to the beauty of Alaska.  Maybe next time we will brave the roads, and actually take the RV!