A Day Trip to the “Healing” Church, Santuario de Chimayo

A Day Trip to the “Healing” Church, Santuario de Chimayo

While talking with fellow travelers in Amarillo, we were informed about a wonderful stop near Santa Fe, which they dubbed the “Healing” Church.  We could not resist the sound of it, so we left one early morning from Albuquerque, and made the hour and a half trek northward to stop at this Church, where we would find the “holy” dirt.

El Santuario de Chimayo

As we passed up Santa Fe, we reached the High Road to Taos, which took us to the little town of Chimayo.  This route was so breathtaking, and I could not stop marveling at the mountains backing up to stunning blue skies and white fluffy clouds.  The church was down a little hilly road, with a bumpy and muddy parking lot, but first impressions are not what they seem!  The church campus was actually quite larger than I imagined, and most stunning, set in the mountains with orange and yellow leaved trees.

There was significant evidence of its popularity, with homemade crosses dotting the fence, rosaries hung over tree branches, and thousands and thousands of photographs, left by those requesting prayers for their loved ones. And of course the beautiful church itself, where masses are held, and a little bitty room at the back of the Church, that was large enough to fit about 10 people at time.

This tiny room sits awaiting visitors with a small circle of dirt in the center, inviting people to pray, touch, and sprinkle the healing dirt over themselves in prayer.  The hallway is lined with crutches and canes and notes left behind by the healed.  The Church has not officially confirmed or denied the miracles that take place here, and although they bless the dirt, they claim that there is no special healing power within the dirt itself.

To read more about the Church and the miracles said to take place here, click here.

It was well worth the detour to this magnificent place.  If I had realized the beauty of the High Road to Taos, I would have also allowed time to actually make the whole drive and explore the city of Taos itself.

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