The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

One treat we had planned for the kids while in London was to take them to see Warner Bros, Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour, where all of the Harry Potter movies were filmed. Not only was our oldest son a huge fan of Harry Potter, but it also gave the kids an opportunity to learn more about the world of movie making.

What I didn’t realize though, was that it was necessary to book tickets several weeks in advance. I waited until we arrived in London, and I almost missed the chance to book it! We ended up getting tickets for one of our very last days in London. I’m really glad we did, because although it was a little pricy, it was well worth it!

We took the tube just outside of London to the town of Leavesden, where a shuttle bus dropped us right in front of the studio sight, a short distance away. At the entrance, we took pictures and then entered the building to queue through the line. While queuing through line, we were treated to views of the cupboard under the stairs, as well as many quotes and film posters adorning the walls.

The tour began when the doors opened to the famous great Hall, which was really cool to walk through.

We spent several hours going though all the cool exhibits and displays, costumes, and props. We were able to see how many of the props “moved” by magic in the movie. There was so much to see and experience, that we really could’ve spent an entire day here.

We walked through the Forbidden Forest on our way to Platform 9 & 3/4. We couldn’t resist the photo opportunities there!

We strolled down Diagon Alley and enjoyed window shopping for brooms, owls, and wands.

After lunch, we exited to the outdoor sets, where we came across the Hogwarts Bridge. The Death Eaters arrived every so often, and we were treated to some wizarding lessons, learning to use wands to fight off the Dark Arts.

Next we came to Privet Drive, and walked through the Dursley’s residence. My favorite part was the living room, where the fireplace was spewing letters to Harry, announcing his acceptance into Hogwarts. Further along was the triple decker Knight Bus, where we were able to step into the entrance to view the inside.

It was such a fun experience and really interesting to see how they filmed parts of the movie.  The final section of the tour showed all of the art and models for the sets, including the impressive Hogwarts Castle at the end.

The tour ended in the expansive gift shop – a dream for any Harry Potter fan. There was so much more that my pictures alone could not capture, but we are so glad we did this tour. Once we returned home, it inspired us to rewatch the complete Harry Potter series to compare what we’d seen at the studio!