Some Down time in Rome

Day 15 – Rome, Italy

Today I had hoped to do a day trip to Pompei, but because I am stingy with money, I wasn’t sure about booking the trip through our hotel. I was certain that there had to be a cheaper way to get there. Well, I was wrong.

We got up early, went to the information center at the train station, and found out how expensive and inconvenient it would be for us to take a train to Pompei on our own. First we’d have to go to Naples, then switch trains, etc, etc. We decided for that price, we’d rather pay a little more and have someone cart our butts down there in comfort. So, we signed up through the hotel and tried to figure out what to do with our free day.

I then remembered that we never went to see the Pantheon. We took our sweet time and sauntered there around 11 am. It is the oldest building in Rome that has been continuously in use since it’s opening. I believe it was built to honor the Gods. The opening in the top is actually about 30 feet across, so you can look straight up to the heavens. The floor is slightly slanted so that when it rains, the water drains to the sides. Architects in the US copied the outer design of the Pantheon for some of our buildings in Washington D.C. with the large, white columns. Truly, I’m not quite sure why else it’s famous, but I know it is. (That sums up many famous buildings we saw.) No, I’m only kidding.

Then we did what NOBODY should attempt: We ate at McDonalds. Not a good thing. On a serious note, it really wasn’t too bad. Just a little different taste than what we’re used to. Today we pondered taking an early flight home, only because we were so exhausted. The few hours of rest at the hotel did much to improve our spirits, though. Once again, we found ourselves at Trevi Fountain, such a perfect spot to sit and people watch. We spent the evening relaxing and packing for home, since Friday’s day trip would consume every waking hour.