9 Reasons to Visit Italy

Day 17 – Final Day in Rome

We took a taxi to the airport. It was an Italian man who drove us, probably in his late twenties, who could speak some English and was very friendly. He asked us both if we’d ever been to L.A. It was kind of a weird question at first. I wondered why L.A.? Then he turned to my husband. He said, “Oh, the girls there, are they like Baywatch?” He couldn’t understand what the driver was saying, but I was cracking up. I responded, “No, not exactly like the girls you see on Baywatch. ” In his dreams!

The flight home was long. We slept only about 2 hours total, and were fed a lot. At that point, we couldn’t wait to touch down in Chicago. We just felt bad for the several passengers who had to connect to another flight after that! My husband’s aunt and grandmother met us at the airport, and we couldn’t have been happier to see their faces!

So, now we are left with one burning question: Where do we go NEXT???

Reasons you must visit Italy

1. Tuscany and Venice are far more beautiful in person.

2. The view of Naples with clothes hanging off every balcony is priceless.

3. Italian driving: make up your own rules. Anything goes!

4. There are more churches per block in Rome than anywhere in the world. (Just count the steeples and crosses)

5. In Tuscany the insects are magnified three times as large as at home

6. Ancient hill towns with spectacular views

7. Children playing soccer in the courtyards

8. Lively, animated Italians

9. To witness the canals of Venice