FAQ’s about Full Time Travel: Taking the Leap

As we began sharing our story with family, friends, and strangers, we noticed that the same questions kept coming up over and over, so I have decided to mix in a series of blog posts that address the logistics of how we have achieved this lifestyle. Everyone’s journey is very different, but for us, we realized that people repeatedly ask us:

What made you decide to take this leap?
How do you generate income to support your lifestyle?
How did you downsize all of your possessions?
Is homeschooling difficult?
How do the kids feel about this adventure?
How do you manage your mail?
What is the favorite place you have visited?
What’s the hardest thing about this lifestyle?

There are also some laughable misconceptions, such as:

  • They are on a permanent vacation.
  • They are lucky that they can do anything they want at all times.
  • They must be “running” away from the real world.

So, let’s start at the beginning. I shared a bit of why we chose this lifestyle on the Our Story page and I listed the major steps it took to get us started.

But let me expand on the question of “why” we took this leap, and also why I believe that anybody can take a similar leap to reach for any dream that you might have!

One of our dreams was to travel extensively, not just two weeks a year, and we wanted to travel with our children.  An RV just happened to be a “means” of travel for us.  We considered this the best way for us to see the country, work, home school, and have a place to come home to each and every night.  We thought that there was no better time to take the leap, while the kids still like us, they are in their early years of school, and before team sports and social lives were a huge part of their lives.

This journey is not really about RV living for us. It’s about doing something that some people may consider brave.  It is about living unconventionally, and taking risks.  It has been a journey of uncomfortable and scary steps.  We didn’t know if it would work and we didn’t know if we were crazy (although we were pretty sure that we were).

Each time we took a step closer, the more we believed in ourselves. And then right before we “took the leap”, we realized that we were SO comfortable where we were, maybe we should just stay put in our cozy life.  But then we couldn’t, because we knew that we wouldn’t forgive ourselves if we didn’t even try.

Start believing that your why IS big enough.  What idea have you pushed to the back of your mind that you just “can’t” do for a million different reasons?  What is the tug at your heart telling you about how you want your life to look?  If not today, then when?  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.

A motivational speaker that we admire named Jon Acuff says “Bravery is a Choice, not a Feeling.”  We have decided to try and live this way.  Choose to be brave, and don’t live with regret…isn’t that an incredible way to face your fears and live life to the fullest?

Living and traveling in an RV is awesome.  It’s an adventure for sure.  We took the leap to try something unconventional so that we wouldn’t look back and have regrets.  But it’s not the end of the story for us and it won’t be the only story.  It’s really only the beginning.  The world of possibilities is endless, because now we have proven to ourselves that we can really make anything happen.  And so, my friends, can you!

I would love to hear from you and I encourage you to contact me with any questions you may have, so that I can address them on future blog posts!