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Itinerary: 2 Days in Iceland With Kids

Itinerary: 2 Days in Iceland With Kids

TIME FRAME We had approximately 2 days to explore Iceland for the first time.  We arrived on an overnight flight from Los Angeles, which landed at approximately 6 a.m. LA time, which is about 1 p.m. Iceland time.  So, in essence, between jet lag and […]

Iceland’s Golden Circle: Horses, Rainbows, & Waterfalls

Iceland’s Golden Circle: Horses, Rainbows, & Waterfalls

So, as I mentioned in my first post about Iceland, our second and only FULL day in Iceland got off to a late start, as jet lag knocked us down a bit.  We set off to explore the Golden Circle, an area of Iceland that […]

Off to the Land of Fire & Ice: Iceland

Off to the Land of Fire & Ice: Iceland

We had been talking about visiting the U.K. for about 10 years, but Iceland wasn’t really on my radar.  However, as our itinerary took shape, I realized that starting at the furthest point north, at the beginning of Autumn, was going to be necessary.  That […]

Counting Down to Our Next Adventure

Counting Down to Our Next Adventure

We spent 3 glorious weeks in Europe way back in 2005, which seems like a lifetime ago.  That was my first trip overseas, and one of the best times of my life.  At that time, we flew into Paris, spent 3 days touring the Eiffel […]

Europe Itinerary: 16 Days in France, Switzerland, & Italy

Europe Itinerary: 16 Days in France, Switzerland, & Italy

Our European Itinerary took a lot of time and planning, but here is the final product: FRANCE DAY 1:PARIS Arrived Paris De Guille Notre Dame Eiffel Tower DAY 2: PARIS Palace of Versailles Musee D’Orsay, Eiffel Tower Riverboat cruise DAY 3: PARIS Arc de Triomphe […]

9 Reasons to Visit Italy

Day 17 – Final Day in Rome We took a taxi to the airport. It was an Italian man who drove us, probably in his late twenties, who could speak some English and was very friendly. He asked us both if we’d ever been to […]

Day Trip: Naples & Pompei

Day 16 – Naples & Pompei, Italy We were up at 6 today, picked up by a Trolley, which brought us literally around the block to the tour station. Had we known, we could have easily walked. What’s one block when you’ve spent more than […]

Some Down time in Rome

Day 15 – Rome, Italy Today I had hoped to do a day trip to Pompei, but because I am stingy with money, I wasn’t sure about booking the trip through our hotel. I was certain that there had to be a cheaper way to […]

Pope, Coliseum, & Roman Forum

Day 14 – Rome, Italy We got up early today, anxious to catch the pope at his papal blessing. We arrived with no problem at 9 45, and found seats on the aisle, easier to sneak out if necessary. The man next to us was […]

Final Stop: Rome, Italy

  Day 12– Rome, Italy We finally arrived in Rome after spending 2 hours circling one-way streets, desperately trying to figure out where to return our rental car. We eventually found this tiny parking garage on a one-way street, about 5 blocks from the railway […]

Tivoli, Italy

Day 11 – Tivoli, Italy We had some fun on the way to Tivoli, laughing at some of the road signs. I just had to draw pictures of the road signs that we saw so we could remember them. There were hilarious signs in the […]

Catholic Rome: Day at the Vatican

Day 13 – Rome, Italy Today we woke up around 7. We didn’t want to miss our continental breakfast, ending at 9 15. We made it. It was crowded, though. There were about 15 tables, all filled. I had frosted flake-like cereal, but not quite […]

The Search for our Italian Ancestors in Abruzzo, Italy

Day 10 – Caramanico, Sant’ Eufemia, Italy After my husband tore me away from the beautiful La Ghiandia (meaning: The Garden), we took off for the Abruzzo region of Italy, the most remote we would experience on the entire trip, but well worth it. We […]

The Hills of Tuscany

Day 9 – Tuscany: Siena & Montepulciano, Italy Today we slept in a little bit, packed up our things, and grabbed a light breakfast. We weren’t supposed to pick up our rental car until 1 p.m., but in our exhaustion, we decided that we’d skip […]

Leaning Tower of Pisa & Florence, Italy

Day 8 – Florence & Pisa, Italy We savored our last hours in Venice this morning. Our vaparetto ride to the train station was nice. The sunshine hitting the water splashed light on all the ancient buildings. We bid farewell and found our train seats. […]

Doge’s Palace, Venice

Day 7 – Venice, Italy Breakfast was served in our room, with rolls, bread, and hot chocolate. Today our tour began at Doge’s Palace. Pictures were not allowed on the inside. It reminded us of a smaller version of the Palace of Versailles, with heavily […]

Dream Destination: Venice

Day 6 – Venice, ItalyToday we woke up at 7 and got ready to leave Switzerland. After a breakfast of cereal and croissants, we checked out and prepared for our train journey to Venice. The ride was breathtaking from Spiez to Milan. The train was […]

10 Reasons We Fell in Love with Switzerland

              1. Hotel balconies overlooking the Alps 2. Manicured gardens with colorful flowers (tulips and lilies in purples, pinks, red, yellows, and blues) 3. It is more breathtaking than the pictures 4. Everyone understands and speaks English plus about […]

Schilthorn Here We Come!

Day 5 – Interlaken, Switzerland Today we woke up early, after a rough night of sleep. The breakfast buffet at Hotel Du Lac was a joy-croissants and cheese was the choice of the day for us. The weather was cold and cloudy, looking once again […]

Cow Bells & Paragliders: Welcome to Interlaken

Day 4– Interlaken, Switzerland Today was a relief to our feet! We checked out of our hotel at 6:45 a.m. and took a cab to Gare de Lyon rail station. I was a little stressed because I wasn’t sure if we were in the correct […]